Benefits of the ever-growing real estate market

What are the benefits of the ever-growing real estate market?

Reports published by esteemed organisations point out the percentage of growth expected in the real estate sector in this fiscal year. The top six metropolitan cities in our country, i.e., Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), National Capital Region (NCR), Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata, are expected to hit a 8-10% sales growth despite the increase in home prices and interest rates in the last fiscal year.
The demand for a residential space has increased due to the continued hybrid work culture practised by organisations. This pattern of increased demand will continue for the coming years. Thus, the surge will hold firm at 8-10% despite rise in the interest rates and capital values. Over the past two years the increased demand has helped in the liquidation of inventory, reduced debt and will also improve debt to total assets ratio at 20% by 2024 compared to 45% at the start of the pandemic. The same goes for small and mid-sized developers , with debt-to-total-assets ratio expected at 45-47% by March 2024 as against 54% before the pandemic.
With the increasing demand and changing perspectives, APR Group is also bringing up its latest ventures like Eterno, Hillside and Golden Leaf in the most prominent locations to meet the rising demands of potential buyers.

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