September 2022 - APR Group

Month: September 2022

Celebrating the glory of success

There are no secrets to success. The perfect formulation of hard work, dedication, and learning from failures is what gives you the taste of success. We at APR have built our capital upon our core values that drive us forward to achieve even the impossible with a team of industrial experts alongside us.

Why is living in the city beneficial for your family?

Buying a home is always a commitment invested for a longer duration. While looking to settle down, for most families, the thought of living close to conveniences, connectivity, and comfort brings them to search for homes closer to the city. Urbanisation is changing the face of cities and the lifestyle of the people.

Things every luxury villa investor needs to know

Luxurious living is yearned by many and also promised by many developers. But have you ever analysed what is the true essence of luxurious living in a villa? Before planning to buy your luxury villa, make sure you have a clear understanding of the luxury that comes with the investment.