Witnesses Growth in Hyderabad Real Estate

Hyderabad witnesses growth in real estate

The real estate market has also witnessed remarkable growth in the changing economic spectrum. Studies have shown that among the metropolitan cities, Hyderabad is the leading residential city with increased residential investments . The city witnessed a 5% increase in the number of residential sales Year Over Year, outperforming metropolitan giants like Mumbai and Bangalore, whose records declined by 8% and 2%, respectively.
The growing emotions around owning a home, ideal property positioning in prominent locations, increasing employment opportunities, and improved living conditions are some of the reasons that cater to the demand for residential spaces. During the first half of 2023, Hyderabad witnessed a recommendable 5% increase in the YoY sales. West of Hyderabad emerged as the most preferred location for residential investment among home buyers , accounting for 60% of the total sales. Additionally, among all the other cities, Hyderabad showed an impressive 10% increase in the price of residential homes, the highest among all the other cities. The national residential sales overview shows that even the overall sales during H1 2023 remained stable with a slight drop in YoY by 1%; Hyderabad stood out with its robust growth
The city’s thriving market, social environment, and growing market momentum will continue to induce demand.

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