About Us

To consistently build incredible living
spaces that bring comfort, convenience
and quality to our customers.



We believe in delivering perfection to our customers at every step of the building process to ensure that every home is a happy space that nurtures loved ones across generations.

A Short Glimpse Of APR

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Shri Avula Praveen Reddy brings the energy of youth and the understanding of the modern market to APR Group. His first stint at the company was as an intern after he completed his BBA from ICFAI Business School in 2016. After 2 years of understanding the company, he went on to complete his MBA from Cardiff Business School, UK. Armed with the knowledge and understanding of modern markets and brands, he joined back APR Group as a Director in June 2020. As a Director, he focuses on the branding, business development and marketing aspects of the organization. The tech-savvy Director was the first in the company to open up the organization to digital branding and marketing, the results of which are clear to see in the mere 1 year since its execution. Shri Avula Praveen Reddy’s dynamism and adaptability are the strengths that are taking APR Group into the future. He is currently focused on significantly enhancing the brand value of APR Group through better CRM and ERP processes.

Shri Avula Praveen Reddy


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Shri A. Krishna Reddy’s phenomenal journey in the world of real estate began in 2007 when he forayed into the construction and development of small projects. Over the next 4 years, he attained a thorough understanding of the industry and what customers want. In 2011, he became a partner and director of a prestigious real estate construction company in Hyderabad where he continued to learn and thrive.

In 2016, armed with over a decade of experience, Shri A. Krishna Reddy formed APR Group with a vision to deliver dream homes of the highest quality on time, every time. His acute risk-taking ability led him to initially take a risk on developing over 36 acres in the predominantly industrial area of Patancheru. From developing 36 acres in 2016 to completing over 3 million sft of residential construction, Shri A. Krishna Reddy’s stellar leadership and instincts continue to guide APR Group steadily up on the ladder of success.

Shri Avula Krishna Reddy

Managing Director

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Shri Avula Sanjeeva Reddy heads the construction and development of projects in APR Group. With over a decade of experience in building quality homes, he has been a key factor in building APR Group’s reputation as a reliable brand that delivers quality consistently. He has been a part of the organization since its inception and has played a crucial role in ensuring that every aspect of the construction process goes through a range of quality and consistency checks.


His passion to deliver living experiences that exceed the customers’ expectations is the reason we’ve built such incredible living communities over the past 5 years and continue to do so even today.

Shri Avula Sanjeeva Reddy


Providing the highest levels of quality is an essential element in our quest to Creating Perfection. At APR Group we implement the strictest quality control measures at every step of the construction process to ensure that every property can be your home for generations to come.
We are proud to be one of the few real estate brands in Hyderabad that deliver on time, every time. Our exceptional discipline in planning and execution of projects helps us control the progress of every project irrespective of the challenges.
We bring absolute honesty to the table every time. From clarity of thought and action to ensuring complete transparency in our transactions, APR Group is known for its honesty by both customers and vendors alike.
From the moment you enter our office to the day we hand over your dream home and beyond, our top-notch customer service is the hallmark of our commitment to serving you. Our trained professionals ensure that your buying and living experience is always incredible.
Life extends far beyond the four walls of your dream home. We carefully plan and build a plethora of amenities and conveniences in each project so that you can have sublime living experiences that go above and beyond the ordinary.

APR's Timeline


APR Group began its journey in the real estate industry with passion, experience and a vision to build great spaces.
The Voyage Begins

APR Group



The organisation's first project takes shape and the world begins to take notice of the standards of APR Group.

APR Praveen's Luxuria



The momentum starts to build with APR Group's second project. Slowly but surely, the organisation begins to grow.

APR Praveen's Nature



The growth story continues to earn the trust of the masses and a 3rd project from the house of APR Group begins to take shape.

APR Praveen's Prime



For the 1st time in the organisation's history, the development of two projects begins and APR Group's confidence is showcased.

APR Praveen's Signator


APR Praveen's Grandio



Unperturbed by the impact of COVID-19, APR Group continues to rise by initiating the development of 2 more projects.

APR Praveen's Higheria


APR Praveen's Crystal



5 years since its inception, the organisation's growing workforce gives it the confidence to take on 3 projects simultaneously.

APR Praveen's Hillside


APR Praveen's Hynora


APR Praveen's Nature Phase II



With over 10 projects under its belt, growing market trust, and unstoppable momentum, APR Group ventures into 2 more incredible projects and has acquired Plot No. 11 in Kokapet Neopolis

Acquired: Neopolis Plot No. 11


APR Praveen's Golden Leaf


APR Praveen's Eterno



The journey continues today with over a thousand dreams fulfilled and many more in the pipeline. APR Group today is now synonymous with quality, style and trust.

Up Coming

548 Duplex & Triple Villas


Appreciation on
APR group's Lake adoption

Avula Charitable Trust is a helping hand for those who need a gentle hand of care, support and encouragement in life. We began this journey with a vision to grow by lifting others along with us to bring a positive change in the society with the ray of humanity. This charitable trust supports various causes with an aim to give back to the society that we grew in.