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Here Are The Benefits Of Living In A Green Neighbourhood

Recent reports have shown that by 2050 almost 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban environments. In India, the rapid urbanization is pushing the growth of real estate by 70-75% making it the second-highest employment and revenue-generating sector after agriculture in the country.
With this rapidly increasing population, urbanization, and nuclear families, the demand for residential spaces is increasing. To meet this planetary change living spaces are designed along the lines of sustainable development, trying to make urbanized living unconditionally green and clean.

Benefits of living in a green neighbourhood

Reduction of stress
The villas are designed with landscapes of lush green plantations and sculptures to create a serene environment for you to relax and relieve your stress.
Reduced pollution
The green cover by the plantations improves the quality of air by absorbing carbon dioxide. Apart from the serene ambiance, the trees and plants create clean breathing space for you, especially since the pollution levels are increasing.
Increased real estate value
The tech-savvy public is also the health-conscious crowd. People are interested in investing in properties filled with greenery and sustained living for a healthy balanced lifestyle, which inturn increases the demand and value for sustained-eco neighbourhoods.
Better health
The benefit of breathing fresh air and the healthy mindset created by the positivity felt around the green walking pathways will enhance your health.
Cool living
With the increasing temperatures and heat waves that hits in summers, the green neighbourhood with lush trees and avenue plantations reduce the temperatures and create shades that protect you from the sun’s rays.
The advancements in the real estate sector are synchronized with the changing demands of the world for a more sustained living. As we all know, we have only one planet, the Earth, and no planet B.
The luxury villas in Patancheru at APR Praveen’s Nature Phase-2 are among the best eco-living villas in Hyderabad that are designed for sustainable living. These duplex villas in Patancheru are surrounded by lush green plantations that let you breathe fresh air as you relax in the wide-open space. A walk through the walking track surrounded by the serene beauty of greenery will uplift your mind, body, and soul. Here’s a haven that takes you back to nature for you to live a harmonious life.

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