Luxurious villas in Dundigal that add more to life | APR Praveen’s Hynora

Crafted for you to indulge in the luxuries.

APR Praveen’s Hynora, is a gateway to uber-luxurious living at the heart of Gagillapur with its magnificent architecture, plethora of amenities and seamless connectivity. The property takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city while keeping you connected to the vibrant developments of the urban life. 

Praveen’s Hynora is a haven that uplifts your lifestyle with the contemporary architecture that blends with your way of living. This heavenly paradise of duplex villas in Dundigal is blessed with amenities for you to relax, rejuvenate and connect with life. Your loved ones of all ages can enjoy the choicest comforts of life as they bask in the luxuries of Hynora. The project is a pro green
Located in the thriving environ of Gagillapur, these 178 units of 3 BHK villas are spread across an area of 11 acres with a lavish landscape. Along with the luxuries offered, Hynora is a serene space that is enveloped in the hues of nature’s beauty. It has everything you need to enjoy life with moments of happiness that grows with time. From Children’s Play Area, Tennis Court, Guest Rooms, Indoor Games, Swimming Pool, Gym, Mini Banquet Hall to Shopping Centre you get to live in the lap of comforts here. Discover the joy of spending time with your family as you see your child smile with sparkle in his eyes. Get closer to life with Hynora and let your aspirations grow in this land of growing opportunities.

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