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Things to consider when buying gated community villas in Hyderabad

Planning to buy a property in Hyderabad? You have made the right decision! Hyderabad, the city of pearls, is not only famous for its rich history, culture, and tourist attractions. It has also become popular for its large IT parks, modern infrastructure which made it a populous city. Hence, the city has become a hot spot for real estate investments and favourite investment choice for realtors. So, no matter, if you want to live in the property, you buy or resell it or rent it, make sure you buy the right one now. Want to know what is the best real estate investment option? Gated Community Villas in Hyderabad.

While Hyderabad’s real estate is soaring despite the pandemic, gated community villas experienced a significant hike in demand. Moreover, these did not become the best investment options because they are high in demand, but they offer numerous benefits such as luxury, world-class amenities, security, serene environment etc. Thus, people are inclined towards investing in Gated Community Villas in Hyderabad, expecting high returns or a luxury lifestyle.

Besides the benefits mentioned earlier, buying a real estate property is a risky step when you are not cautious enough. However, your investment in a luxury gated community villa will be fruitful if you follow proper planning and take necessary precautions. Here is the definitive guide to buying gated community villas in Hyderabad. Stick till the end; you will learn the important things to consider when investing in gated community villas. The points mentioned will come in handy whenever you visit villas to buy. Let’s get started…

6 things to consider when buying villas in Hyderabad

Check Neighbourhood

First things first, check if the neighbourhood of the villa matches your style and offers peace. A beautiful and expensive villa in a polluted or not-so-classy neighbourhood doesn’t make any sense. Although a gated community villa is a closed community and life inside the gates are not affected by the outside world, you don’t always stay in, right? So, make sure you research well about the area and see if it has good infrastructure and connectivity. Check if the area in which you want to buy a villa is nearer to your office, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, your kid’s school etc. For example, when you look for Gated Community Villas in Patancheru, they are nearer to all essential facilities.

Ask about Connectivity

The other important thing to consider when making an expensive decision is connectivity. Most luxury villa projects are located far from the city’s pollution and in the suburbs. However, that doesn’t mean you need to travel miles in trees or traffic to reach the centre of the city or important locations of the city. So, check if the area is well-connected. Meaning, check for the nearby hospitals, schools, parks, malls, recreation centres along with road connectivity.

Go for the villas from where you can connect to highways, outer ring road, bus stations or MMTS or metro stations easily to commute to anywhere in the city. The villa projects near Patancheru are well-connected with all major parts of the city via Old-Mumbai highway and ORR.

Don’t fall for the traps when the builders promise the upcoming developments. Do some research and learn if they are practical and how long it takes to develop fully.

Consider Affordability

Gated community villas are, of course, an expensive investment. However, make sure you are paying the right amount and the amount within your budget. To better understand the pricing of villas, inquire in the neighbourhood or hire a real estate agent who can guide you. Also, see if maintenance charges or any other charges are realistic by doing proper research. Look at Villas for Sale in Hyderabad at affordable rates.

Look for Amenities

Generally, modern villas come along with numerous amenities that redefine one’s lifestyle. However, you better ask your builder about the amenities; see if what they mentioned in the brochure matches what they say when you directly visit them. Some of the must-have amenities in gated community villas are swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, mini theatre, indoor games, play area, park etc. You can find world-class amenities in our Duplex Villas in Patancheru.

Also, never ignore checking with basic facilities such as electricity, sewage systems, water etc. Also, check if the villa is secured with 24/7 security systems.

Apply for Pre-Approved Loan

As said, the budget is one of the major concerns when buying a property. Your investment should remain under your budget to avoid surprises and stress in the future. So, it is suggested to apply for a loan in prior to check with your eligibility. Doing so, you will also save time by visiting villas within your budget. Moreover, when you apply for a pre-approved loan, you will know the credibility of the builder because banks will check if the project is legit or not and approves the loan only if it is a legitimate project.

Verify Legal Documents

Buying your dream home shouldn’t bring you legal issues, right? So, to avoid any legal problems in the future, check for legal documents of the project beforehand. If you find any issues while checking them, you can simply escape the problem by choosing the other project. Some of the important legal documents you should check are:

  • Title deeds
  • Tax receipts and bills
  • Sale deed
  • Building plan
  • Land measurement documents
  • Approved layout plan
  • NOC from water, electricity and tax department
  • Ownership document

Bottom Line

Villas offer modern people great flexibility to design their interiors and sometimes exteriors according to their needs and lifestyle. Especially gated community villas make people’s lives easier by offering a myriad of amenities, luxuries, and a peaceful living environment. So, when you are buying a gated community property, make sure you get all such benefits to enjoy your life to a great extent. Looking for a luxury Gated Community in Patancheru, Hyderabad? Talk to us today!

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